Dave Chappelle’s latest special ‘The Closer,’ dropped on Netflix back on October 5. The Netflix office in Los Angeles face an employee walkout which was attended by between 12 and 30 employees and their supporters on October 20. Now Dave is being threatened with another walkout.

Chappelle has been in a crossfire ever since he got into trouble for his joke about transgender people in The Closer special. Although the joke didn’t land well, he was defended by Netflix CEO himself as well as many other influential names in the game.

With the defense came opposition. Many LGBTQIA+ organizations such as GLAAD and National Black Justice Coalition called for the special’s removal. Transgender comedian Jaye McBride opposed Chapelle but Black transgender comedian Flame Monroe was supportive of Chappelle’s special. The family of deceased transgender comedian Daphne Dorman, who was a subject in Chappelle’s special and a friend of the comedian also defended the special. 

However, Dave’s own High School The Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Georgetown said students were uncomfortable with having him on their fundraiser because of the controversy. They threatened the organizers with a walk-out. The students initially demanded cancellation until a compromise was made with the authorities to postpone it. The fundraiser would have been held on Nov. 23, but now has been moved to April 22.


Chappelle has been a generous donor over the years, donating $100,000 to the school. The comedian even went as far as giving it one of his Emmy Awards in 2017. He also held a master class, made a commencement speech and brought celebrity friends to the campus.

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Shifa Jahan

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