Eminem’s contributions to the world of Hip-Hop cannot be forgotten in any way. Artists such as Skylar Grey still get starstruck working with him even now. It seems he has also inspired rappers such as PHresher.

As many fans are aware, Eminem has a lot of respect for those who have paved the way for his generation and others to succeed. This includes LL Cool J, as he even received an incredible gift from J earlier this year.

PHresher gained recognition for the verse recorded for Eminem’s “Chloraseptic”. It seems the rapper still gets excited talking about recording for Eminem and performing on stage with him.

While speaking on the My Expert Opinion podcast, PHresher detailed how working with Eminem after receiving an invitation in 2017 became a life-changing experience for him.


That was a life-changing moment. Alright, so Em and Jay share the same place in my heart. I was like the only nigga in the hood Eminem fan. Let me tell you something. There is not a lot of Eminem fans in the hood. I’m from Brooklyn, New York, niggas like, “White boy! My Name Is!” I’m like, “Listen to the album, you’ll understand it’s bigger than Slim Shady”. My moms knew. I was on punishment, and she slipped “The Marshall Mathers LP” under my motherfucking door. So when I got the call… My manager called me and told me, “You might wanna sit down”. I sat down. I would never forget that. I was living in Mill Basin at the time he called me. Nigga said, “Eminem wants you on his album”. I said, “Wait, Jean, what do you mean, Eminem? Is this like somebody’s saying?..” Because I’ve got some phone calls like, “Yo, you might be on a project. Just send me a record”, or whatever. He said, “No, no, Eminem wants you on his album. He has everything. He needs you to say this. Man, they got the studio session ready, they are flying you out of here, everything”.

So he flies me, we record the record. Now, I don’t meet him this time right here. He sends Em what I did in the studio. Em says, “Put him on the phone”. My first time talking to him. He said, “Yo, you got a verse?”. I said, “What?!” Do I have a verse?! Fuck you, man, do I have a verse?!! I mean, yes, I said, “I’ve got a verse. I have a verse. And a hook, ‘cause I knew what you would like”. I got crazy, I wrote like 24! Dude, I’m ready. I geeked up, bro. I get in, and I do the motherfucking verse. He calls me again! Like, “Yo, thank you”. I say, “Yo, thanks”, and he said, “Yo, call me Marshall”.

I’m so excited, I’m so thankful. Now, I’m thinking, I can’t wait to meet him. Tracy calls me, she handles all his business, “Em wants you to perform at the Governors Ball with him”. I’m gonna come to this ball. He is the last act of the fucking night, bro. It’s me, Fifty, Pink… And I’m on the last song. Epic. Governors Ball. A hundred thousand people out there, and Em is saying my verse, ad-libbing my shit! That shit is on YouTube. Him fucking back and forth on my verse. In your wildest dreams, you can’t make the shit up. Magical moments, man.

Eminem has worked hard to get where he is and no one can ever deny that fact. LL Cool J also recently stated that Eminem deserves to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. It remains to be seen if that will happen or not.

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