Real Housewives of Beverly Hills aired its fourth and final installment of the Season 11 reunion on Wednesday night. The phrase “It was a lot to take” would be an understatement.

Erika Jayne has been on the hot seat for the entirety of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion special. The situation worsened after her former friend Sutton Stracke asserted that Jayne has been lying to her castmates about whether she’s contacted estranged husband Tom Girardi with whom she is involved in an alleged embezzlement scandal.

Erika Jayne called Sutton Stracke a “bitchy f—king c—t” on Wednesday night’s final episode.

Jayne’s harsh words came as the foes rehashed their fight at Kathy Hilton’s dinner from this season. 


Stracke told Jayne “It didn’t feel like you were being an adult at that table”
referencing how she dealt with the situation at Kathy Hilton’s dinner. Erica clapped back with “It felt like you were being a bitchy f*cking c*nt. OK? That’s what it felt like,”

Stracke confessed that she was worried about herself and her reputation being tarnished on account of being associated with Jayne. She also stated her concern over the orphans, widows, burn victims and more whose settlement money was allegedly stolen by Girardi in appeasing his and Jayne’s extravagant lifestyle 

In reference to this the following argument took place:

When Stracke questioned “I wasn’t seeing you worried about the victims at all,” in reference to Girardi and the embezzlement scandal

Jayne told Stracke, “You don’t know that. You’re assuming that,”.
“What would I have needed to do?”
“That you could not understand the position I’m in and you kept pushing and pushing and worrying about yourself,” Jayne continued, explaining why she became angry with Stracke.

Jayne reiterated time and time again that she despises being called a “liar” but Stracke didn’t back out from accusing Jayne of lying. Sutton also accused Jayne of pretending to be her friend at Del Mar.

“I actually thought that you were being sincere. And you know what that is? Lying,” Stracke said. Erika then hit back with “No, that’s actually just playing your ass.”

Things got so heated between the two during filming that Stracke hired Security as she was afraid of what Erica Jayne is capable of.

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