Kofi Kingston , A New Day’s Big E, and Xavier Woods have a new evil to escape: The Undertaker. Netflix’s Escape The Undertaker features an interactive movie watching experience.

Wrestling fans are to guide the trio; Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, and Big E Langston, through the Deadman’s haunted house, proving themselves worthy to wield the power of the Undertaker’s legendary Urn.

The interactive film extensively made use of the legendary WrestleMania streak holder’s vast backstory and lore of Mark Calaway’s Undertaker persona. The movie used archived WWE footage to further enhance the story, including appearances by characters from The Undertaker‘s past. It is now available to stream on Netflix just in time to celebrate the Halloween season.

The director of “Escape the Undertaker” Ben Simms Ben Simms opened up to Jeff Ames of Coming Soon about the process of bringing together the fighting sequences and why several “great” moments didn’t make  the final cut.


…As a result of the timing between choices and the age demographic, we ended up really having to tone down some of the fight and lost some great moments to time… Hopefully, someday there will be a version of the full sequence.”

Simms stated that the three decades of lore helped him give life to an entertaining story for new fans while remaining faithful to the character. The fact that he had to toned down the violence was quite understandable, given that the new audiences might not be able to stomach it.

Check out the trailer of the movie below:

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