Coi Leray may or may not be the upcoming rap Queen but she does know how to shut down her haters. Considered as a “rookie” rapper on the internet, she also happens to be industry elite Benzino’s daughter.

The ‘No More Parties‘ rapper is known to step up to anyone who aims at criticizing her. People try to diminish her work by claiming her music is only suitable for TikTok although many of her tracks reached Billboard top-40.

Earlier this month Leray said: “TikTok artist goes straight to Billboard every time so call me a Billboard artist whenever you wanna throw TikTok in there,” she tweeted. She also shared a screenshot of the top tracks on TikTok in the U.S., with her recent song “Twinnem” reaching No. 1 on the chart.

This time around, the 24 year old Boston Native went all in and gave everyone a final warning. She also threw shade on other artists who use Tik-Tok to make their songs go viral.

Everyone has their own taste in music and their own way to discover new music. TikTok may not be the go-to place to discover music for the older generation but it sure is playing the part for young people.

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Shifa Jahan

Shifa Jahan is a freelance writer with a passion for pop culture and entertainment news. With a background in copywriting and academic writing, she brings a unique perspective to her work. Currently pursuing her Masters in Comparative Literature, Shifa also has a love for theatre, teaching, and exploring different cultures and languages.

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