The Squid Game took over the planet, but don’t try it at home. One 14-year-old boy was hospitalized after terrible injuries for taking part in something he saw on the Netflix series.

A teenage boy suffered third-degree burns on his leg after attempting a TikTok challenge inspired by Squid Game, the honeycomb challenge. Aiden Higgie is a 14-year-old boy, bored under lockdown, and he wanted to try out the honeycomb challenge for himself.

The particular challenge involves making a thin sheet of honeycomb and carving out a shape using a pin without breaking it. Sadly, Aiden combined water, bicarb soda, and sugar into a plastic cup and things ended badly.

The teenager melted the mixture in a non-microwave safe cup, and it exploded. Molten sugar went streaming down his legs and he was terribly burned.


“It boiled up to a ridiculous temperature, and when he took the cup out it exploded in his hand,” his mother Helen told the Daily Telegraph. “It has burnt his hand, and because it was sugar and plastic melted together, it has run down his leg from his knee down to his shin and it stuck and kept on burning and burning and burning. It was like toffee and burnt right through to the nerves.”

Aiden suffered first degree burns to his hand and deep burns and nerve damage to his leg. Doctors are afraid that he will need a skin graft soon.

You can check out the photos below, but we must warn you that they’re rather hard to look at.


H Jenkins

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