Chelsea and Cole DeBoer were spotted enjoying an unpleasant food combination. Fans unleashed on the couple over Chelsea’s Instagram story.

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea DeBoer made dinner for her husband Cole. The meal in question was chili with a side of… cinnamon Rolls? Yes. chili with Cinnamon Rolls is apparently a staple dish in South Dakota.

While the South Dakota Native was happy to devour the meal, some fans accused the chili-cinnamon bun combo of being “gross” and “appalling”

“This is appalling lol it makes me mad,” they said. “If you want to make chili for dinner then serve cinnamon rolls for dessert by all means! But don’t you dare top a bowl of chili with a cinnamon roll like it’s a piece of sourdough bread or something.. gross. It being a ‘Midwesterner’ thing is no excuse.”

The couple were defended by some fans who concurred that the fusion of chili and cinnamon roll was popular in the Midwest. To each their own, but this one is a bit strange for even us. Let’s just see how chili and cinnamon rolls taste the next time we prepare them in the same meal.

What’s your take on this unusual food combination? Would you ever give it a try? Let us know in the comments below!

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