It seems that “Teen Mom 2” star Kailyn Lowry has a bone to pick with co-stars Chelsea DeBoer and Leah Messer. On the October 21 episode of “Coffee Convos” with co-host Lindsie Chrisley, Lowry called out DeBoer and Messer.

Lowry stated that she felt like she was never a “first choice” when it came to her co-stars. She talked about how since she joined the show late, everyone else had already had a chance to connect, and she felt left out.

I was supposed to be on ’16 and Pregnant season 3. So I was a last-minute exchange to move to ’16 and Pregnant season 2. Everyone had already known each other. Chelsea and Leah were like besties on the show.

Lowry explained that she felt not only like an afterthought for the show, but also for the friendships. It is due to this disconnect that Lowry came to feel like she was not as important to her co-stars.

However, Lowry shared that she is no longer bothered by it. The star claimed that while some might consider her a “B-list friend,” she does not “give a s**t.”

I don’t care anymore. I’m almost 30, I don’t give a f**k if I’m your friend or if I’m not your friend. I don’t care if I’m your acquaintance or I’m your bestie… I don’t give a s**t. If I’m not in your top eight, I’m not crying about it.

It can certainly be a difficult situation to be in when one feels left out. It’s great that Lowry has evolved past that feeling.

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