Russell Westbrook just couldn’t seem to keep his composure while dribbling the ball when the Lakers faced the Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday Oct. 29th. The Lakers ended up winning the game 113 to 101, but it would seem that the victory isn’t at all what everyone is talking about in the aftermath.

Russell Westbrook definitely has some moves, as he’s showcased them all before, but this time, he decided to add a little wee bit of pep to his dribbling action on the court and not just the sidelines, and did so to some pretty epic reactions from one and all.

One particular reaction is that of LeBron James himself, who took to Instagram to state his feelings on the dancing by Westbrook. He found the incident hilarious, as it would turn out.

“Something is really wrong with him.”


The 32 year old point guard was born in Long Beach, California and his dance moves are only secondary to what he can accomplish on the court. His NBA career started in 2008, when he signed with the Oklahoma City Thunder. He’s been with the Lakers since this year only and is already doing his part to booste morale on the court, and in any way he can quite obviously.

He was an MVP in 2017, a 9-time, NBA All-star, a 2-time NBA scoring champion, and the accolades definitely go on and on. Can he win a championship with the Lakers this year? That remains to be seen, but if he keeps playing – and perhaps dancing – as he has been, they just might be able to swing it.

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