LeBron James’s contributions to the world of professional basketball cannot be understated. James suffered a serious injury to his right ankle in the Lakers’ game against the Atlanta Hawks back in March. Even after coming back, James has never been the same. It seems James has once again pulled off an amazing Halloween cosplay.

Every year, LeBron James tries to outdo himself when it comes to his Halloween getups. He has cosplayed as Edward Scissorhands, Pennyworth and many more. It seems James decided to shock fans with yet another terrific Halloween costume.

As James set the bar so high when it comes to Halloween costumes, it is understandable if he can’t live up to expectations every time. However, it seems James was determined to one-up himself nonetheless.

LeBron James took to his Instagram and uploaded a photo of himself wearing an incredibly accurate Halloween getup of horror icon Freddy Krueger. The details were painstakingly done to perfect from the looks of it as well.

“‘Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones But Nothing Will Ever Kill Me’ SWEET DREAMS

While James is enjoying Halloween, there is also the chance that he might the next few Laker games due to injury. We will have to wait and see what will become of LeBron James.

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