Angelina Jolie went viral this week for her bad hair extensions. That is certainly not the kind of attention she wanted.

Jolie appeared on the red carpet of the Rome Film Festival this past Sunday for the premiere of the “Eternals” film, but a few days later she went viral for sporting choppy, uneven extensions that shocked people on social media.

Bravo star Stassi Schroeder called out Jolie’s un-named hairstylist on Instagram, wondering who was going to get fired.

Before I say goodnight, I’d just like to know who decided to give this queen unblended extensions. Okay, what I’m truly asking is who is getting fired right now?


Celebrity extension expert Priscilla Valles, who has lengthened the locks of Hailey Baldwin, Megan Fox, the Kardashian-Jenner crew, and others, told Page Six that Jolie’s bad extensions can be blamed on improper extension density and placement.

What went wrong with this look is that there are not enough extensions, and they are not high up. [The correct installation involves] first putting [extensions] on top, and then building them up and making sure there is enough in so you don’t see a demarcation line, which you see clear as day with Angelina.

Jolie has not spoken publicly about what happened to her hair that night. We can only assume that if she heard this comment then she wouldn’t be too happy about it.

You can see Jolie’s bad extensions below:

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