Fake Drake is doing his thing and getting free bottles at the club because he looks like Drizzy. In fact, Fake Drake was partying away while the real McCoy was across town in Miami at his Cocaine Cowboys birthday bash this week. Some might suggest legal action, but Sisqo thinks that Drake needs to chill about it.

It might irritate some people that Fake Drake is moving around the Miami club scene. All this attention on him is actually turning the phony Drizzy into a celebrity in his own right.

Sisqo recently spoke to TMZ where he was asked about Fake Drake popping up and getting a VIP treatment as a look-alike. The Thong Song rapper was asked if he has any suggestions for Drake in this instance and he was happy to give his opinion on the matter: don’t sue him. Then the cameraman reminding Sisqo that he once sued a man for doing the same thing that Fake Drake is doing.

“To real Drake? Well, he’s a Scorpio and Dru Hill is sampled on his new album. So, I wish you all the best and when you find out who it is, man, don’t sue ’em.”


“Turns out, the guy was from Baltimore, I’m from Baltimore and it was just a young kid tryin’ to get over on my good looks,” he continued. “[Imitation] is a form of flattery.”

We will keep our eyes peeled for more Fake Drake shenanigans. He is certainly having a blast in Drake’s name. We’ll have to see if Drizzy does take action of if he finds this man at the club some day for an epic photo-op.

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