Seth Rogen doesn’t shy away from expressing his fascination with Kanye West. The actor has spoken about his various encounters with Kanye in several interviews. Most recently, Rogen shared his thoughts on Kanye’s latest album, “Donda.”

Rogen appeared on the “OTHERtone” podcast, where he discussed the album in a conversation with Pharrell Williams. It is clear that the actor is a fan of the project, with him describing Kanye as “such a unique artist.”

You can turn on any song for half a second and kind of know it’s a Kanye song. I think it’s auteur-ish, as I think a lot of performers are, and that’s something I think is really interesting—that he can carve out a sound that is so unique.

Rogen also admitted that he initially checked out the album wondering what Kanye was talking about and “how much stupid stuff can come out of [Kanye’s] mouth.” However, Rogen ultimately came around to loving the album.


On another note, Donda just hit 1 billion streams on Spotify, the fastest rising record of Ye’s to hit that mark. So, Seth Rogen isn’t the only one listening to the album on repeat.

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