Playboi Carti is on his Narcissist tour right now, which kicked off on October 14. The expansive tour spans 43 dates in stadiums across the country. On October 23, Carti was going to perform at the NRG Arena in Houston, Texas. However, things didn’t go according to plan.

Excitement among fans turned into sheer chaos after Playboi Carti canceled his show. Footage and pictures shared on social media show how out of control things got at the NRG Arena.

Fans said that they waited outside of the venue for several hours before it was revealed to them that the show has been cancelled. Fans didn’t take lightly to this news, and according to the footage from outside the arena, fans started destroying property like metal detectors and barricades to get inside. Fans were able to break down a gate that led them straight to the doors of NRG Arena.

While the staff at NRG were not able to hold the fans off, the Houston Police Department fortunately got the situation under control after back-up arrived. A witness told ABC 7 that an ambulance was called for someone who got trampled. There is no more details available at the time of this writing.


Playboi Carti’s fans are known to be very passionate and the crowd vibes hard at his concerts. It surely isn’t a good idea to make them wait for hours only to cancel the show as we’ve seen here. Carti will continue the tour till December 23, 2021.

Rayan Sayyed

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