It would seem to most that Ben Simmons has become much more trouble than he’s worth in recent weeks, and he’s making $33 million this season, so that’s definitely worth quite a wee bit, it would seem. He’s stirred up more controversy that the league has seen in years in recent weeks.

A sort of controversy that is very reminiscent of Dennis Rodman. Perhaps not as brash, but getting there. There are certainly those that are growing frustrated…frustrated enough to wonder just when the player will be eligible for trade. It was in such controversial fashion that Simmons missed a defensive drill – something he was suspended for on opening night! He recently told the 76ers that he is:

“not mentally ready to take the floor for them yet.”

Top NBA exec, Daryl Morey, recently revealed that this can drag on until the very end of Simmons’ contract, which is a four year deal, apparently. Morey is very interested in trading Simmons for obvious reasons, he wanting to make a deal for a “difference maker,” as CBS Sports put it, only it looks like a little more patience will be in order.


Simmons will be eligible to be traded as of December 15th, which is when free agents become eligible for trade. NBA reporter, Mark Stein stated in a newsletter addressing the issue:

“Although league sources concur that no Simmons trade is imminent and that Morey is likely to wait until after Dec. 15 when more players are eligible to be dealt leaguewide before he pursues a deal with greater intent, we should also note that he vowed to take a so-called gap year with family members after his abrupt departure from the Houston Rockets in October 2020. Morey accepted the Sixers’ offer to take over their front office two weeks later.”

Why the 15th, many may ask? Because it just so happens that that is the day in which any NBA players who signed a contract during the last offseason are allowed to be traded. So a little bit of a waiting game is in order, but the trade seems imminent for now.

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Domenic Marinelli

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