Logan Paul would interestingly actually include himself in that statement as well. He has seen his fair share of ups and downs as a YouTuber, but since moving on to a career as a boxer of all things, Logan Paul feels it’s alright to let loose and expose himself and others as fakes, essentially – particularly YouTubers.

Paul also had quite a few rivalries on the popular video sharing platform, and he recently stated that they are essentially all fabricated for hype. Looks like we can all learn a thing or two from professional wrestling, the industry that proved that controversy certainly does create cash, to rob a phrase from Eric Bischoff.

It was in 2017 that he got into it seemingly, even with his own brother, Jake – also now a boxer. He revealed during an interview with Jon Youshaei, that yes, even that was fake and fabricated like a well-written drama.

“Yeah, pretty much everything you see on YouTube is probably fabricated. In some way, shape, or form, it’s why I don’t like it anymore. Honestly like, I can just be myself and do what I love and kinda not have to worry about bullshit.”


It is on social media that he made his name, creating many controversies and trending viral videos almost every day, but since his side-step into the boxing ring, his popularity on social media had diminished considerably.

Most of his trend worthy experiences these days come from his forays into the pro boxing ring. Even WWE tried to capitalize on his fame recently, but the experience was extremely negative, the fans in attendance booing the living daylights out of the influencer, letting him and WWE know full well that whatever they had planned with Paul, they could keep on the drawing room floor.

The storyline ceased to be a thing the very next week. If they plan on using him in the future is unclear but right now seems unlikely. Apparently, according to reports, he’s set to climb into the ring with pro boxing legend, Iron Mike Tyson, but that has yet to be confirmed.

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