Fans of MTV’s “Teen Mom OG” will know that the show’s star, Amber Portwood is facing a lot of criticism. Fans have called Portwood out for what they believe to be a publicity stunt.

Portwood came out as bisexual on the October 12 episode of the MTV series. While coming out is a commendable act that requires a lot of courage, fans believe that Portwood had ulterior motives when coming out. Fans of the show made this clearly known when MTV shared Portwood’s coming out story on Facebook.

Fans immediately flooded the comments sections with accusations of Portwood using her sexuality for attention and to distract from her questionable behavior. The top comment on the video, with over a thousand reactions, stated that “[Portwood] should try coming out as a mom.” Yet another commenter brought up Portwood gaslighting her daughter.

I think we would be more shocked if she actually took accountability and stopped gaslighting her kid


While Portwood’s younger child, 3-year-old James hasn’t appeared on the show, fans have seen how the mother of two treats her 12-year-old daughter, Leah. The mother and daughter have gone months without speaking to each other, with Leah refusing to answer Portwood’s letter. When the two finally did meet, Portwood describes the experience as “awkward.”

Portwood herself has expressed nervousness about coming out to her family and her fans. She expected her sexuality to be seen as an embarrassment by her mother, Shirely.

People are probably going to be a bit shocked that I am bisexual, that I have had a relationship with a woman for eight months.

It definitely seems like Portwood is going through a turbulent time. After all, it is not easy to come out on such a major platform in a world there LGBTQ+ rights are constantly challenged. However, fans don’t seem to think that’s any excuse for not being a good mother. You can view Portwood’s coming out story here.

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