President Biden is receiving some blow-back for comments he made defending police on Saturday during the 40th Annual National Peace Officers Memorial Service at the U.S Capitol in Washington, DC. The event was held to honor members of law enforcement who died in the line of duty in 2019 and 2021, and to salute those who are currently serving.

Biden’s speech is making headlines for how he stated that being a police officer today is harder than it’s ever been.

We expect everything of you, and it’s beyond the capacity of anyone to meet the total expectations. Being a cop today is one hell of a lot harder than it’s ever been.

Biden also saluted the officers who defended the Capitol on January 6.

Here nine months ago, your brothers and sisters thwarted an unconstitutional and fundamentally un-American attack on our nation’s values and our votes. Because of you, democracy survived. But only because of you.

Biden maintained that he seeks to amend aspects of the law enforcement system. He added that 2020 was the deadliest year on record for law enforcement.

To support our law enforcement officers requires that we invest in systems that provide adequate health care, counseling, drug prevention, housing, education and other social services in the community, so there is not the discord. … To the families of the fallen, who suffered enormous loss, understand your loss is also America’s loss, America’s loss, and your pain is America’s pain.

Biden’s comments some after an attempt to pass a police reform bill failed in Congress in September. Lawmakers had been working on a bipartisan deal for months, but things fell apart due to disagreements on qualified immunity and other issues. Despite some of the rhetoric from the left, and members of his own party, Biden was adamant about his support for law enforcement, at least he was during Saturday’s ceremony.

We’re waking up to the notion that unless we change the environment in which the job can be done, we’re gonna have trouble having enough women and men come forward who want to do the job. … Let us prevent the preventable tragedies … I believe with all my heart there’s nothing you’re unable to do if we equip you. We can unite this nation and fight our common foes, anger, resentment, hatred, extremism, racism, lawlessness, violence, joblessness, hopelessness.

What do you think of Biden’s pro-police comments? Do you think we need more police reform or more general support for law enforcement? Sound off in the comments below!

(H/T to Axios)

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