Dolph Lundgren gave a nod to rumours of him playing the role of King Nereus in the new upcoming DCEU superhero adventure. On his recent social media post, fans pretty much know that the Rocky alum is definitely going to be in Aquaman 2. The star is also slated to appear in 3 box office heavy-hitting sequels.

In a picture on Instagram, Dolph appeared wearing the hair of the character that he’s playing a role. He’s not wearing the costume, which would take a bit of preparation and assistance to don. The actor has been busy while simultaneously shooting for the much-awaited The Expendables 4. He will join Jason Statham and Stallone in the film, while also acting with Stallone in the upcoming Rocky IV.

Needless to say, details and any pictures from Aquaman 2 are only sparingly revealed in a bid to continue the anticipation and hype for the movie. Only the costume of Jason Momoa has been revealed, which is reminiscent of the style of Zack Snyder, which is always good news.

The new Aquaman movie is supposed to carry the expectations of the good reception of the last movie. However, there’s pressure riding on this film as it should be critically well received. After Joss Whedon’s Justice League bombed critically, DC films have a hard road to walk ahead.


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Nitish Vashishtha

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