Jon Jones was arrested recently on domestic disturbance charges involving his wife. One of his children apparently called police to intervene. These were reports that came in earlier this month.

Now it seems as though UFC President, Dana White was totally right though, when he stated that Jones needed to work through some issues and perhaps compulsions of his own. According to, Jones alluded to a past that has not helped him in the slightest.

As it turns out, it was also announced via social media, that his coach Mike Winkeljohn, said that Jones was no longer allowed into his gym to train. This triggered Jones to unleash on social media, the platform proving to be quite cathartic for the martial arts competitor and former champion.

The MMA fighter also tweeted and deleted that he was molested as a child along with other traumatic issues. This was followed by an admission that he has a lot of things to deal with


My life wasn’t always great man, being molested as a child, losing a parent and sibling to disease at a young age. It goes on and on man. I got things I need to deal with,

Jones subsequently decided to list a number of issues that are coming up for him. These were certain possible reasons as to why he’s currently living the life he is leading. Some feel though, that these are excuses and that the fighter needs to deal with these problems instead of excusing them.

Bones Jones was born in Rochester, New York and had a tough childhood. His father was a pastor who didn’t want his son to fight for a living. Instead he wanted his boy to follow in his very own footsteps. Of course that was not how things turned out.

Jones went on to become the youngest UFC Champion. He would win that title a second time. The rest of his fighting career is equally impressive. We hope he gets the help he needs.

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Domenic Marinelli

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