Rapper Bhad Bhabie found instant fame back in September 2016 after she and her mother Barbara Ann Bregoli were interviewed on Dr. Phil for a segment titled, “I Want To Give Up My Car-Stealing, Knife-Wielding, Twerking 13-Year-Old Daughter Who Tried To Frame Me For A Crime.” After becoming a viral meme sensation, the teenager turned her newfound fame into a hip-hop career, and is now a pop culture phenomenon. If you know anything about Bhad Bhabie, she loves drama and there is even more of that to unpack.

While she has made headlines over the years, her mother has been right there with her. Barbara has received loads of criticism over the lifestyle she’s allowed her daughter to live in the public eye, and while the two have had minor spats over the years, Barbara has stuck by and defended her daughter for the most part. Now it appears the relationship between the two is strained like never before.

Bhad Bhabie recently went live on Instagram and was asked about the current status of her relationship with her mother. She said she has tried to have a good relationship with Barbara, but she feels like her mother shows her that her “feelings don’t mean sh*t” and that all she’s worried about is “control and making me feel bad about myself.

I have tried to have a good relationship with my mother. I have given my mother umpteen chances to be cool with me, to live in my house, to be around me every day. But every time I give her that chance, she shows me that my feelings don’t mean shit to her and that all she’s worried about is control and making me feel bad about myself. I don’t wanna hear, ‘Oh, that’s your mom, you should let her do what she wants.’ I did, I do, I let my mother do whatever the fuck she wants. I block her for a little bit and unblock her and try to be cool with her again, and the next five minutes she’s back on bullsh*t.

A viewer commented that Bhad Bhabie’s mother “should’ve swallowed her,” and the rapper agreed. That did not set too well with the former Dr. Phil guest.

She responded, “You’re right, my mother should have swallowed me. You’re exactly 100% right and I tell her that all the time because I say, ‘Barbara, if you didn’t want me, that’s not my fault. It’s not my fault at all.'”

Barbara has defended Bhad Bhabie numerous times over the years, and on three occasions sued various companies for infringing on her IP rights by using the “Cash Me Outside” signature catchphrase. Bhad Bhabie and her mother have appeared to be at odds at various points over the years, but never has the relationship appeared to be as bad as it is right now, at least according to the millionaire rapper.

What do you think of the situation between Bhad Bhabie and her mother? Is her mother to blame for some of Bhad Bhabie’s antics? Should she be thankful for the million dollar lifestyle she has been afforded due to her daughter’s ratchet fame? Sound off in the comments section below!

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