Eminem is used to standing out in a room. He broke into rap music and had an uphill battle, because nobody thought a boy that white could rap like he does. Marshall Mathers continued proving everyone wrong, but he is still faced with being the only white guy on the stage at times.

Bridget Kelly spoke her piece about Eminem during the See, The Thing Is podcast. She called Eminem the “token white guy” at the Super Bowl, a halftime show that full of talented Black artists, and Slim Shady finds himself as the only white guy on the bill. She brought attention to this in unique fashion.

“I love the idea of so much beautiful Black talent on this stage. This is the biggest stage in the country. This is the most-watched event. Either way, I would love to see it because it’s also, when are we ever gonna see Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg and Mary J. Blige and Kendrick Lamar onstage together? I could do without Eminem. I don’t really care whether he’s there or not.”

“You know what I do love about Eminem being the token white guy on this? Usually, it’s the other way around. Usually, it’s a whole f*ckin’ lineup of white talent and then it’s like, let’s just throw a person of color in there so people don’t get upset. Let’s get all this top-tier Black talent and let’s throw somebody white on the bill just so we don’t piss anybody off.”


A slew of hate filled Bridget Kelly’s timeline when she spoke those words. Obviously, a few fans took Eminem’s side on the matter. She didn’t seem to let it bother her. In fact, Kelly used this controversy to score more social media clout as she fired off a couple of tweets on the matter.

You bum ass bottom feeders need to get tf out my mentions defending Eminem. Nobody said he wasn’t a legend. They’ve never had an all Black halftime show, so yes, he is the token in this case. Go argue w/your mother about his impact, that was never up for debate. Losers

I wish I would go back & forth on Beyoncé’s internet with grown people who use the avi’s from their BBM profile

the block button is my BFF, so have at it

Eminem has not spoken out on this matter. He rarely releases any public statements on controversies surrounding him, because that would be all he has time to do if Em addressed them all. Bridget Kelly didn’t seem to back down from her point either, so we’re likely left with a stalemate situation here.

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