Nicki Minaj is certainly one of the most established female rappers in the Hip-Hop world. She has already broken quite a few records in her decade-long career and that isn’t going to change anytime soon. Minaj is also an expert in breaking the internet whenever she feels like it.

In spite of all her popularity, that doesn’t make her immune to becoming a subject of controversy from time to time. She recently tweeted a very controversial narrative when it came to COVID-19 vaccines.

Due to this, she was buried by the Minister of Health for Trinidad and Tobago. Minaj claimed that she was in ‘Twitter jail’ after the site banned her for her remarks regarding the COVID-19 vaccines.

While the controversy might have ended, for now, it seems Minaj decided to stir the pot again. While speaking during an Instagram Live session with UK pop star Jesy Nelson.

Nicki Minaj stated that the new female rappers in the industry simply cannot take criticism and then advised the rappers that taking criticism is necessary.

“Like the new females, it’s almost like they don’t want to be critiqued ever. It’s like everyone is just supposed to praise you 24/7. Why would you even want that? Let me tell you what happens when that happens. What happens is when you put out an album, the sales won’t translate because people have been lying to you, and they haven’t told you they don’t like a song, or they don’t like this, or they don’t like that.

Then when you put an album out and you thinking everybody love you. I’ve seen it recently happen. You know they put an album out, and it doesn’t sell what they want it to sell. Well, that’s because a lot of people are lying to you for whatever reason. You should want people to be honest with you.”

It is not known just who Nicki Minaj was referring to but it was certainly enough for her to make the abovementioned statement.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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