Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise don’t see eye to eye. There’s obviously no love lost between these two. Despite their hyped up online beef, which was pretty much one-sided, the pop singer put some respect on Tom Cruise’s name. This happened after Bieber apparently saw a video of the veteran actor strumming and singing a song on TikTok. Well, what looked like Tom Cruise was of course, not Tom Cruise.

Deep fake technology has been sweeping the world with many similar videos popping up all over the web. What a person perceives to be happening on screen is generally enhanced by A.I. Technology, thus making one face look like another, and staggeringly so. Russia’s Vladimir Putin even uses deep fakes to smear political rivals, and it works! What can be perceived as fun for some, may be confusing for others. Enter Justin Bieber.

To watch the video is amazing, as it looks exactly like the actor famous for bringing films like Rainman, the Mission Impossible Franchise and Jerry Maguire to the big screen, but it is most-assuredly not him.

Just who is this doppelganger imposter? The model is Miles Fisher, but the owner and operator of the deep fake account is Chris Ume. As TMZ reported, he has been operating said account since February and has compiled quite a few pieces of what some may call “art.” Tom Cruise being the subject of all of them, it would seem.


60 Minutes ran a special on deep fakes recently, but it just might be possible that Justin Bieber missed that particular episode. As stated earlier, he fell for what he saw on screen, hook, line and sinker.

“Tom Cruise I’m impressed with your guitar skills. But you could still catch these hands my boy,” Bieber captioned one Instagram story. A second one read, “All jokes aside Tom Cruise your shredding on that guitar.”

Bieber, of course, made news in 2019 by suggesting that he and Tom Cruise have a mixed martial arts battle in the UFC. Upon seeing this video, the Biebs gave Tom his fair kudos, remarking on the talent shown.

Being the Biebs however, he couldn’t avoid reminding the actor about their fight that never actually occurred. Bieber also later posted a video of himself singing the very same song.

via Top TV /YouTube

Domenic Marinelli

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