Blac Chyna had a full breakdown at the airport where she went off against fans and strongly urged them to get vaccinated. The rapper stood around with her bodyguards and sternly spread the word of vaccination around.

Chyna told one fan “stop being stupid, hoe!” TMZ caught word from the fans who were present at the sight of the meltdown. Chyna was very, very angry, and apparently it was a fan demanding a picture that triggered her survivalist instincts for everyone’s safety.

The rapper went ballistic at the Miami International Airport, at Sunday Night. As a fan carrying her baby wanting a photo with the celebrity approached her, the rapper simply started her rant. (

Chyna herself is completely vaccinated, so she has completely justified in criticizing others. The spread of the virus had been unprecedented last year. The world is opening up more and more, but a lot of people are growing too comfortable with it going around. We need someone who spreads awareness about it, and Blac Chyna is doing exactly that.


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Nitish Vashishtha

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