Nicki Minaj said some controversial things about vaccinations that caused made headlines. She refused to attend the Gala this year because the event required all attendees to be vaccinated. She was even called out by Trinidad and Tobago’s Minister of Health for her outlandish claims. Minaj claimed her family was being harassed for her comments as she faced backlash. The rapper no believes that she’s being shadow-banned by social media platforms.

On Sunday, October 10, Minaj reposted a tweet which claimed that she has been shadow-banned on every social media platform. She quote retweeted the tweet by posting a sad face emoji. It seems like she agrees with the statement and believes that social media platforms are limiting her reach.

Minaj also took to Instagram Live on Monday to promote her feature verse on Jesy Nelson’s single Boyz. While she spoke about the song, she also shared that she thinks she might be shado-banned from social media.

I think I’ve been shadow-banned on a couple social media outlets because of my comments about the (vaccine).

We don’t know if social media companies are actually shadow-banning her. But it could be a possibility due to the nature of her comments. Fans have pointed out that “Nicki Minaj” is not allowed on the trending list on Twitter anymore, and her comments section on Instagram is also being limited.

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Rayan Sayyed

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