Lisa Barlow of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City says that we will see the entire situation with Whitney Rose about the caterer get resolved soon.

For the unversed, fellow cast member of RHOSLC Whitney Rose accused Barlow of sabotaging her friend’s gambling-themed charity benefit party for an LGBTQ organization. Fans are calling this drama “catergate” and according to Barlow, we are going to see it get resolved.

The drama started when all the ladies attended a casino night thrown by Barlow’s friend, Angie Harrington. Whitney and Harrington discuss the upcoming event at lunch and Angie reveals to Harrington that the caterer, who is Lisa’s friend, pulled out at the last minute with no explanation.

Whitney told Angie that Lisa was sabotaging the event and Angie confronted Barlow regarding this at the party. Barlow began to cry after hearing the accusations hurled at her.


“I would not cancel a caterer,” Lisa said. “No good person and no good caterer would ever cancel. The whole thing was ridiculous. I had nothing to do with it. I’m in the F&B industry so I’m going to know everyone in that industry so it would be like going into a restaurant and your reservation gets cancelled and it’s my fault because they carry a tequila and I know the owner or your wagyu is undercooked. It’s that ridiculous.”

The caterers took to Instagram to show receipts, revealing how Angie asked them not to divulge to Barlow that she was getting dibs at the first cast event of the season. Speaking of the drama to HollywoodLife, Lisa Barlow said that we will see an end to the situation.

“I haven’t really talked to Angie in months. I think that you see it get resolved and we move forward. There’s so much more coming up this season — We haven’t even touched the surface. This is nothing compared to what’s coming. It’s a lot. You guys are in for a wild, wild ride.”

We will have to see how things turn out in this situation. Plenty of people will watch carefully to catch all of the tea as it is spilled.

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