Tony Wroten, the Sixers player responsible for the “Trust The Process” mantra is facing serious charges for fraud. Wroten was named with 21 other NBA players who are accused of scamming out $2.5 million through fake dental and medical claims.

Wroten had a brief run in the NBA. However, he is still highly appreciated for his time with Philadelphia 67ers. In the three seasons he spent playing for the Sixers, he was a fan favorite.

Tony played as the combo guard, and in his 34 games played, he averaged the score of 13.8 points. The player averaged 3.6 dimes per game. Wroten came up with his legendary tagline while explaining his manager’s emphasis on tanking.

The locker room lives by a different phrase, one that Hinkie underscores so often that it might as well be capitalized on a wall inside Wells Fargo Center. “They tell us every game, every day, ‘Trust the Process,’” guard Tony Wroten says. “Just continue to build.” The mantra is so pervasive that there is only one person on the team who even comes close to explicitly mentioning an NBA title – a Result, instead of The Process – when I ask about goals.


Wroten stands arrested due the charges against him for scamming the NBA Players’ Health and Welfare Benefit Plan. Using fake claims to seek reimbursement for services that were never rendered in the period of 2017 to 2020, the player awaits trial.

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