Ben Simmons is very much uninterested in continuing his journey with the 76ers. It’s no secret that his relationship with the Philadelphia 76ers is almost over, and he had been losing a lot of money as a consequence.

Simmons has lost about $8.25 million due to his unwillingness to carry on. He has been looking for trade offers left and time and just wants to be taken off the 67ers at this point.

NBC Sports’ Kurt Herlin revealed that there is no chance for the player to be traded. His analysis was based on the fact that most teams have chosen their members, and it’s unlikely that anyone would have any space left for him.

Meanwhile, real Simmons trade talk between the 76ers and other teams continues to be nearly dead, sources tell NBC Sports. Teams have settled into their rosters for the start of the season. Until a franchise suffers a significant injury, or gets off to a slower-than-expected start (or, maybe faster), there is nothing to change that dynamic and spark a deal.


Ben Simmons doesn’t want to be the The Sixers, but The Sixers have made it explicitly clear to him that they have an offer out for it. It will only be clear with enough time where Simmons go.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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