AEW has been booming with new fans and followers ever since adding new talent to their roster. With the addition of CM Punk and Bryan Danielson, AEW is taken a lot more seriously.

The Cody Rhodes & Tony Khan driven promotion has been doing a lot more than just get in new talent. Their way of doing celebrity crossovers has been out of the box. Mike Tyson’s AEW featurette stands as a phenomenal crossover, and now they brought in Kevin Smith.

Smith has been busy with the production of his upcoming film Clerks III. As he was a guest on ET Canada’s Shakiel Mahjouri, he said that he thinks that AEW’s style of doing crossovers with celebrities is out of the box.

AEW does it very artfully. It doesn’t feel like, ‘Oh this guy is doing it to reach a brand new audience.’ It feels like they’re doing it because it’s part of the fun.

He was asked about whether he would wanna go back to AEW, to which he replied “In a heartbeat.” He also added that he loves Chris Jericho and would easily do any favor for him.

In a heartbeat, I would go back. I love Jericho. So anything he needs from me, I’ll happily go do. I imagine we’ll kind of jump back out into the ring when it’s around ‘Clerks III’ time. As we saw recently, Rosario [Dawson] got involved which was pretty awesome.

Clerks III has been getting a lot of attention from the series’ long-time fans. While Clerks I & II were comedic masterpieces, fans are holding out hope for the sequel as well.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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