Bam Margera was a part of the Jackass franchise for many years. The former skateboarder had been on a steady decline since the death of Jackass’ Ryan Dunn in a drunk driving incident which happened in 2011.

Margera’s past problems includes a lot of mental health issues, alcoholism and substance abuse issues, which led to his firing from the Jackass franchise. After getting fired in 2021, Margera sent out threats to director Jeff Tremaine and his family. That led to a restraining order issued against the former daredevil.

Tremaine claims to still love Margera like a brother. However, he revealed in legal docs according to TMZ that Margera is “a danger to himself and others” in times of intoxication.

The director added that his behavior “has brought a dark cloud over the (Jackass) franchise.” Margera has also broken the terms of his contract, in which he agreed to “remain sober and only take medication approved by the medical staff of the treatment center.”


The agreement was also based on his approved conditions of mental health and addiction being continued while being on board of the project. Margera couldn’t keep up, and it cost him big.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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