The cast of Jackass knows how to have a good time and they also beat each other up in a huge way while doing it. That called for plenty of trips to medical facilities, so much that you could fund a small country with the balance on their medical bills alone.

Nova Legal Funding got to work on compiling the bills for Steve-O- Wee Man, Preston Lacy, and the other Jackass crew. Of course, Johnny Knoxville was a part of that list, and he topped everyone else. Knoxville alone racked up a medical bill of over $8.6 million.

Surprisingly, Ehren McGhehey, an underrated member of the cast, came in second with a medical bill of over $7.3 million for his injuries. In case you’re wondering, Steve-O came in 3rd with over $5.8 million.

The team looked at 79 injuries in total, across six members of the Jackass crew… The estimated total cost of injuries across the entire cast is $24,263,000, however this number only accounts for the reported injuries suffered by the main members of the Jackass crew, and we estimate the actual number could be closer to $38m.


All of those injuries and medical bills are worth it, because the first three entries in the Jackass franchise brought in over $335 million. Dirty Grandpa also brought in $151.8 million, so they can afford a few trips to the doctor.

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Aaron Varble

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