Aaron Rodgers had been running into a lot of disagreements with his team, The Green Bay Packers. While The Packers kicked off their season with a bad performance record in general, Rodgers received special attention for his poor performance.

Many critics of the performance from Rodgers and The Packers knew certain key details from behind the scenes. Rodgers’ disagreement led him to miss voluntary practice deals with the team, and many attribute that to his bad performance.

The Packers lost to New Orleans Saints with a miserable final score of three to 38. Many critics came forward to talk about Rodgers’ performance. Bill Cowher said on a CBS show that Rodgers didn’t look like he cared, and said:

Show me you care. Show me it’s important to you that the team is more important than who you are, and right now, I have not seen that.

Rodgers recently appeared on The Pat McAfee Show where he was asked about his views on such criticism. He said that he thinks it’s horsesh*t, and that such critics don’t know anything about what goes inside the quarterback’s head in the field.

To be honest, it’s a combination of both. I mean, on one hand, it’s absolute horses–t to give a platform to people who have no idea what they’re talking about as far as my mental state and, you know, my focus, my work habits. People that have not been around me, that are not in my life, I don’t have communication with them, are not in the locker room. I mean, that’s just, it’s chickens–t. It’s so ridiculous that people get a platform to do this, and it’s the same type of people.

The 37-year old is going through tremendous pressure, and he is right in saying that those in the field know it much more clearly than sports analysts. Rodgers is even predicted to play for the New Orleans Saints next year, but his performance this year is crucial.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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