Gillian Anderson is known for her role in Netflix‘s Sex Education. While her role makes her an eye-candy for many, the actress says that she has it tough on the other end of it.

Anderson revealed to The Sun that due to her role on the show, she is constantly being bombarded with “d*** pics.” She plays a sex therapist on the show, and added that has an assistant to guard her from these pics.

I do have someone who goes through the stuff before I see it… including the, shall we say, d*** pics that I apparently get sent. I don’t have Instagram on my phone but sometimes I’ll be alerted to the fact there has been a slew of d*** pics. People are shocking!

The former X-Files star almost left the show out of her kids being embarrassed of certain things she’s done of the show. She has three children, where her 26-year old daughter is from her first marriage with art director Clyde Klotz. Her two younger children, Oscar, 14, and 12-year-old Felix, are from her marriage with businessman Mark Griffiths, whom she split from in 2012.


Gillian Anderson is very active on social media, and often graces them with selfies from the set. She has also started a trend called #YoniOfTheDay, where her fans share images of object which look like vaginas.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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