Rapper 50 Cent has recently made headlines for showing support for fellow rapper DaBaby despite the latter’s controversial comments. 50 Cent came out in support of DaBaby’s track Lonely, and gained the admiration of fans for speaking out on mental health issues.

50 Cent appeared in an interview with Vanity Fair, wherein he took a nine-minute lie detector test. He took on questions ranging from the subject of his recent move to Texas to his opinions on Kanye West’s album Donda. As per the polygraph test, 50 Cent would appear to be a reliably honest guy.

50 Cent came clean about the fact that he does not actually smoke, despite having songs like High All The Time under his belt. 50 Cent also admitted to having filled bottles of champagne with ginger ale. When asked about not being completely truthful in his lyrics. That’s not as shocking a betrayal of trust as one might expect, though nobody really expects Fif to fail. (https://lapeerhealth.com/)

Well I was high all the time, but everybody else was smoking around me. There’s points that you say things because you’re being creative, you create.


The rapper also expressed his thoughts about fellow rapper Kanye West releasing his album Donda in an unorthodox manner, saying that he believed it to be a publicity stunt. However, 50 Cent thinks that it still doesn’t beat Kanye West’s 2020 Presidential run as a publicity stunt.

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