SpongeBob SquarePants is a lot more than just a cartoon. The culture influence of this Nickelodeon series is immense. It extends beyond other media adaptations, memes, and even rapper Meek Mill got roasted for dressing like a Spongebob character.

The Twitter page for the character is not too crazy, and there are funny interactions caught on it here and there. However, SpongeBob posted something rather odd, which has been deleted since then but still got documented by many Twitter users through screenshots.

Due to this strange tweet from the Nickelodeon character, his name trended on Twitter. Slews of fans attacked the subject, shoveling their own jokes into the fire.

SpongeBob’s social media team took down the original tweet after a few minutes of posting it. However, Twitterverse wasn’t giving up on an opportunity to meme around, and they hit the hammer on the nail with this one.

SpongeBob has been going strong since 1999. While there are no signs or signals to the series ending anytime soon, Patrick the starfish is all ready with his own series going into works.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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