Lorde took the world of pop by storm after the release of her album Pure Heroine in 2013. Even since then, she’s been releasing content and recently surprised her fans with the release of her new EP, which is a collection of 5 reworked songs from her third studio album, Solar Power.

The 24-year old singer re-recorded 5 songs in the EP, which are then given a new rendition in the Māori language. The Māori language is from Aotearoa New Zealand. (bluesky-education.com)

Pitchfork revealed that the singer-songwriter’s songs underwent translations by Hana Mereraiha. The songs were reworked and back-up singers who sang in the Māori language. The EP, titled Te Ao Mārama in the language, is aimed at supporting many non-profits from Aotearoa, New Zealand. Lorde also revealed in her newsletter:

There’s a word for it in te reo: kaitiakitanga, meaning ‘guardianship or caregiving for the sky, sea and land.’ I’m someone who represents New Zealand globally in a way, and in making an album about where I’m from, it was important to me to be able to say: This makes us who we are down here.


Lorde has had many releases before Solar Power, such as Melodrama, Pure Heroine, and many EPs such as The Tennis Court EP & The Love Club EP. You can listen to her new EP here.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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