Erik Cowie was one of the biggest figures in world of zoological documentaries. He was the lead figure of Netflix’s documentary series “Tiger King.” The actor was found lying face down in a bedroom in New York City.

The reasons for Cowie’s location in New York City is still mysterious. The ‘Tiger King’ was a resident of Oklahoma. While a toxicology report to diagnose the presence of any narcotic substances is yet to be done, there were no drugs proximally near to his body.

Cowie was also arrested for a DUI in Oklahoma earlier this year. While he had pleaded guilty for this offense and was about to receive his sentence. However, he failed to show up at the hearing.

The ‘Tiger King‘ definitely had a sad trajectory. Fans suspected that his teeth were a result of doing meth. He told TMZ that he had real problems with alcoholism, and that “at the end of [his] rope.”



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Nitish Vashishtha

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