Darin Wall, who plays bass for the band Greyhawk, did an incredible job at safekeeping people at his show. It all started with Ethan Byrd, 26, pointing his finger at random people and pretending to shoot outside of a venue in Boise, Idaho.

Wall revealed that he found the behavior of Byrd a bit odd. He revealed to KTVB 7 that he got a feeling the guy was harmful, and they had to engage in confrontation with him.

I don’t know if anyone else saw it. I got a weird feeling right away. Sometimes you confront really wasted people, or really drunk, they’re really angry and they’re shouting and they’re belligerent. This guy was really cold, I would say.

Byrd, when confronted, walked back to his car to get the gun. Wall revealed that when he noticed Byrd taking out a gun, he felt that his only option was to stop him by force.


I saw him reach behind his back and grab the gun. That’s when I moved in. No other options went through my head. The gun was in the pocket of his pants and he shot me through his pants, and got me in the upper thigh. I did get lucky with the location of the shot. It’s in a place that’s not damaging anything that’s gonna be permanent. We don’t think.

Wall is now safely recovering from the injury he incurred on his thigh. It was not fatalistic, so he got really lucky. Greyhawk is a power/heavy metal band from the United States. It was started off in 2016 and have released 3 EPs and 1 album thus far.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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