Simone Biles has showed incredible performances in the Tokyo Olympics, but her pulling out of certain competitions had fans fuming. The 24-year old revealed that she was so “petrified” that there was no way she could have continued.

Biles took to Instagram in order to let all those being critical of her know that she does not care. She said in the captions that “quitter” is not a word in her vocabulary, and that she is America’s most decorated gymnast.

can’t believe it’s already been a month.

Definitely not the way I planned the olympics going but I wouldn’t change anything for the world 🤎 I’m proud of myself and the career I’ve had thus far. this olympics doesn’t erase the past accomplishments I’ve achieved nor does it define who I am as an athlete. I’ve pushed through so much the past couple years , the word quitter is not in my vocabulary. for some of you that may be how you define me but keep talking because I can’t hear you over my 7 olympic medals which tied me for the most decorated gymnast EVER as well as most decorated american gymnast 😊😋

The gymnast had a “mental block” which led her to retreat from making appearances in Olympic events. She still came back victorious from the olympics with a bronze medal, which she values more than “all of the golds.”

Former UFC fighter Ronda Rousey recently came to Biles’ defense when she initially received backlash from refusing to participate. After her return to the U.S. after the Summer Olympics, she reunited with her boyfriend.

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