Seinfeld is one of the most inventive shows ever which redefined comedy. The snarky remarks and the absurd plot twists won the heart of baby boomers and millennials alike. The show is now ready to be streamed at your own convenience now, and it’s coming pretty soon.

Netflix, one of the leading platforms in the world of streaming, let fans know that the show is going to be available from October 1st. The fans can easily relish on their favorite sitcom soon.

The Larry David & Jerry Seinfeld created show had been available on Hulu, but fans were left adrift after the streaming rights of the show expired in June. Netflix has comeback a likely savior for the fans, however. Netflix announced the show’s availability on Twitter.

Seinfeld’s all 180 episodes are going to be available on Netflix in 4K resolution, which wasn’t the case with Hulu. The show recently celebrated its 23rd anniversary. The protagonist of the show, Jerry Seinfeld, recently made a comeback to the world of Stand-Up comedy.


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Nitish Vashishtha

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