Lizzo continues to find great success in the music world, but she is also the victim of cyberbullies. She recently burst into tears on live stream, because people are so mean. Several have jumped to defend Lizzo, and now The Game is weighing in.

The legendary performer took to his Instagram to drop a video to call out anyone giving Lizzo shade for her appearance. He was quite direct and didn’t censor himself one bit while calling out the “motherf*ckin’ day judging your motherf*ckin’ life.”

“Like the sh*t y’all doin’ to Lizzo. Got her cryin’ on the internet and doing all that. Motherf*ckers like…y’all fans, man. Y’all fans. Stay fans. Stay in y’all place, man. If somebody was on your ass every motherf*ckin’ day judging your motherf*ckin’ life, what would that look like?… Is you too old? Is you too young? What the f*ck is wrong with you? Y’all got too much motherf*ckin’ time to be worried about other motherf*ckers lives.”

He added that he understands that celebrity culture breeds that behavior and said he “welcomes that sh*t” because he doesn’t care what any strangers on the internet think about his life, especially because he and his family are living well. “Who died and made y’all n*ggas important?… Lizzo, you know I love you to death. Anybody else, Cardi B, anybody! Beyoncé, J. Lo…motherf*ckers always got something to say about a motherf*cker. But you the one that ain’t sh*t! N*gga you ain’t sh*t! Aight? Sit on that, my n*gga.”

He also included some additional phrases to relay his opinion on the matter. The Game was obviously not finished speaking his piece about how some members of the public treat Lizzo.

You broke, unhappy mothaf*ckas on the internet always in celebrities comments making judgements like yo terrible ass life poppin or sumn….. post the inside of your house, let’s see your car, smile in the camera n let the world see yo mouth lol… stop online bullying people like @lizzobeeating & anybody else & just be the fan yo hating ass really is… haters be more a fan than the regular REAL FANS. This is why kids around the world commit suicide etc… the pressure of the internet. If people are doing what makes them happy, let em…. No human is any other humans judge. Take yo unhappy ass to a mirror & address all this deep rooted hatred you’re harboring that’s really about YOU & your hate for your own self & life. Allow people to LIVE & BE AT PEACE…. And as far as my personal haters. F*ck you [middle finger emoji] “I ain’t going nowhere so you can get to know me” told y’all that 17 years ago #HateItOrLoveIt [goat emoji] Talk !!!

Hopefully, those haters will back off Lizzo. Facebook started deleting negative comments about her, and that is incredibly noble. It’s a shame that they were posted in the first place.

H Jenkins

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