A new viral challenge is still raging on and plenty of people are literally breaking their backs for a piece of internet glory. The milk crate challenge is getting a ton of attention, even from Snoop Dogg. Blueface knows all about getting attention and he recently impressed a lot of people by pulling off this feat.

Blueface took on the milk crate challenge, and he was successful. If you were hoping for an epic crash and burn in this video, then you can move along. It took some careful steps, but Blueface pulled it off.

It requires a mixture of balance, concentration, and skill to pull off the milk crate challenge. We’re not sure what Blueface’s trick was, but he was able to successfully make his way up and down that milk crate pyramid without falling on his tailbone.

Many people have injured themselves trying to complete this challenge, but Blueface wasn’t one of them. Lucky him, but a lot of fans watched this video hoping to see more.


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