Bhad Bhabie is straight up one of the most confident figures in rap currently. While she recently got on OnlyFans and cleared a million dollars pretty quickly, she also fronted the cover of Inked Magazine.

The 18-year old former Dr. Phil guest gets a lot of body shaming from her haters. Their excuse is that Bhabie is too skinny, but she doesn’t have a care in the world. The 15 rapper took to Instagram to share a stunning bikini pic. The rapper shows off her back in it, and showed the fans that she is not insecure about her weight.

Y’all angry that I’m not insecure about my body being skinny and it shows😂 BMI clearly states that someone who’s 4 11 should b 86 – 105 lbs I’m 87 pounds so go suck 101 dicks if you have a problem with someone else’s body🥰🥰

Bhabie is also very aggressive when it comes to things not going her away. She recently let AirBnb know that she’ll be taking them to court. Her legal decisions after she was able to sign up on the platform. However, she couldn’t rent an AirBnb at all as she is only 18 years old.


The rapper clearly does not have a money problem either. She recently stated that she is so rich that she can simply retire right now and not work anymore. Surprisingly, she recently blasted Lil Yachty for not having enough money. Yachty is himself used to flexing his cash, so that’s quite ironic.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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