Danielle Bregoli, Bhad Bhabie, was first made famous as a Dr. Phil Show guest. Then she used her “cash me outside” living meme status to put out music. Now she’s racking in the cash as an 18-year-old on OnlyFans. That is getting her a ton of dough, and she’s not afraid to crow about it.

Bhabie recently railed on Lil Yachty, claiming that he doesn’t have the stacks she does. The problem child has laid claim to earning $1 million during her first week on the exclusive photo and video service.

Bregoli takes on her critics in harsh fashion, often on Instagram Live. She recently addressed Lil Yachty, who jumped on Live with her while trying to teach her another way of dealing with things.

He attempted to tell her that cursing and yelling online about bullies won’t help. “I need you to understand that there’s a better way to get your point across,” he implored. Then she erupted on him and screamed:

“It’s so frustrating that the internet is so f*cking sensitive to anything I do or anything anyone else does. But the minute one of us come for them, ‘Oh, why you talkin’ ’bout me’… Like, what?!”

Yachty tried reasoning with her, but she wasn’t listening. Then Bregoli went on to define what cultural appropriation means to her after revealing that it is her biggest pet peeve. She said that it only applies for those who denounce a cultural, but steal from it anyway.

Lil Yachty tried to explain that “this don’t help nothing. You gotta understand sh*t come with this lifestyle.” It seemed like they were going to settle things down, but then it took a turn for the worst.

Bhad Bhabie went off on Yachty, telling him that he’s not as popular as her, nor does he have the money she does. He asked why she was yelling, and her response was very clear: “It makes me feel better.”

It seems that Bhad Bhabie has a lot to learn, but she’s not really looking for any teaching right now. As it stands, her behavior seems to be nothing but rewarded.

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H Jenkins

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