Lil Wayne is currently one of the top rappers in the Hip-Hop world and has produced several classic tracks that are still heard even now, even though the rapper himself might have forgotten the lyrics to some of his songs. On top of that, he has a deep love for tattoos on his body.

Lil Wayne certainly lived a difficult life before making it big as a rapper as he had battles with mental health and even attempted suicide when he was a child. Weezy’s childhood included some darker periods, to say the least.

While speaking to Emmanuel Acho for his series Uncomfortable Conversations, Lil Wayne opened up about his mental health problems. These started when he was very young and he was in a very bad place as well.

“As a kid, around 10, when I was told I couldn’t have what I wanted, what I dreamed of and what I desired, and that was to rap. I was willing to die for it.”

Wayne also revealed how at the age of 12, his mother had found out he was lying about school and he knew he was about to get punished. Before his mother could get home, he got her gun and held it to his chest, and pulled the trigger and tried to end his life. However, the gun wasn’t loaded but he fainted from shock.

”When I attempted suicide, I didn’t die.”

It is certainly great that Lil Wayne held on to his life and battled his demons as he went on to become a legendary rapper that everyone knows about. Thankfully, Lil Wayne didn’t perish before he could break the rap world wide open.

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