Machin Gun Kelly is characteristically known for two things: his exquisite blonde hair and his tattoos, both of which heavily add to his aesthetic as an artist. His relationship with Megan Fox is right up there as well, and he looks like MGK made a big change to his look for his new album. The rapper will soon drop his new album Born With Horns, produced by Travis Barker, and the pair got a matching tattoo to celebrate.

Even though many fans are accusing Kelly of using a bald-cap, the answer will soon be found his next music video. The artist decided to make a choice and trade one for the other. His tattoos are still aplenty, but his iconic blonde locks are gone. (

The rapper took to Twitter in order to show off his new look. He announced “i shaved my head for this @_ColeBennett_ “papercuts” tomorrow 9pm,” while unveiling his massive head tattoo. This look makes him look less like ‘The Blonde Don’ and more like Avatar: The Last Airbender.

I shaved my head for this Cole Bennett



tomorrow 9pm

The rapper had a tattoo on his head, and many fans have reported that he was seen with exceptionally long hair. As it turns out, the rapper got rid of all his hair for the promotion of his upcoming music.

As the caption of the Twitter post reveals, the rapper is releasing the new single “Papercuts” with director Cole Bennett taking to directing the music video.

What do you think of MGK’s new hairstyle (or the lack thereof)? sound off in the comments!

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