Batista is the only live-action version of Drax The Destroyer that fans have ever seen. The third Guardians of the Galaxy movie will also be his last outing as the character. His contributions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe were impressive, but Dave Bautista wishes that they would have explored one particular storyline a bit more.

The former WWE Champion still has no idea why Marvel Studios nixed Drax’s story with Thanos. Drax’s quest to avenge his family’s death seemingly took a backseat to other arcs in the franchise. He got close to confronting the Mad Titan, but it was a brief encounter in Avengers: Infinity War. Drax’s chances to battle Thanos were also put on the backburner during the final fight in Avengers: Endgame.

We previously reported how Batista is a bit bummed that Drax The Destroyer wasn’t the one who killed Thanos. One fan tweeted out to say that they can’t wait to see where Drax’s mental state is at since Thanos is dead. Drax will appear in both Thor: Love & Thunder and the thirst Guardians movie. It didn’t take Bautista long to come up with a reply that expressed his own disappointment about how things turned out.

That whole Drax, Thanos history seemed to get swept under the rug. Always wondered why but every reason I could come up with just makes me shake my fucking head. It is what it is.


Big Dave Bautista also included a “shrugging shoulders” emoji to let fans know what his feeling was about it. There is nothing he can do about it now, because Marvel Studios made the call. That doesn’t change how he wishes the movies were written for his character.

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