Thanos’ snap caused Marvel fans to fret for months as they wondered which members of the MCU would be gone forever. That “blip” as it is referred to in the actual Marvel Cinematic Universe was reversed, but Drax The Destroyer didn’t have that big of a hand in ending Thanos. Batista wishes that wasn’t the case.

JoBlo recently spoke to Dave Bautista about his role in the MCU. He expressed a bit of regret that his character wasn’t the one who could end Thanos for good in Endgame.

Yeah, I think everybody was. I said in interviews somewhere where that I wish Drax would’ve killed Thanos and I got all these people saying, ‘That doesn’t even make sense! How could you say that? Drax doesn’t deserve to get to kill Thanos!’ And I said it because there’s not a character in the Marvel Universe that doesn’t want to kill Thanos. Of course Drax wanted to kill Thanos. Everybody wanted to kill Thanos. So yeah, a little disappointed, cause I kinda take that whole storyline very personal. But, I think every character wanted to get their hands on Thanos. I have to say on the record that I love Josh Brolin [Thanos] to death. He’s actually one of my favorite people and by far one of my favorite actors. I love him. He’s such a brilliant actor. He’s overlooked way too much.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe will continue. Some parts might be changing and actors might not be returning to the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise will continue with Dave Bautista as a centerpiece. We’ll have to see if Drax The Destroyer gets his his hero moment eventually.

H Jenkins

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