Jake Paul is undoubtedly one of the most popular boxers in the world right now thanks to his insanely huge big-money boxing matches and the hype he builds for each of his matches.

The YouTuber turned boxer also possesses a face that many people would like to punch, including his own friends. Jake Paul also loves trash talking his opponents before his matches and it has been quite effective on each occasion.

While speaking to Adam 22 on No Jumper, UFC fighter Sean O’Malley talked about why he loves watching Jake Paul fight. O’Malley stated that Jake Paul’s trash talking makes fights more interesting.

“See, for me, like, those fights, like, for Jake vs. Ben I was so much more interested and intrigued than 99 percent of UFC fights. Like, I’d rather – unless it’s a Conor fight, like a Diaz fight – unless it’s a huge fight, or it’s one of my buddies, I don’t really watch the UFC too much. Like, I don’t get too excited, I mean, same with Bellator.”

I like watching exciting fights that are interesting, like, what the f**k. And even Logan vs. Floyd, I was sitting on my f**king chair, like, sweating, like, what the f**k. This is crazy. Jake vs. Ben, Jake vs. Tyron, I’m gonna go to that. It’s gonna be f**king sweet. For whatever reason, I’m just super entertained by those (fights). And I love how much s**t Jake talks ‘cause it’s like, it makes that fight so much more interesting.”

Sean O’Malley had previously revealed that he is also open to facing off against Jake Paul in a boxing match. We certainly wonder if that match will ever take place in the future.

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